Who We Are

Oromo Advocacy Alliance is a civic engagement organization made up of individuals from various fields, such as media, government, law, public health, technology and social science. We work with public and private sector entities to advance the mission and bring awareness to Oromo struggles.

What We Have Done

Held congressional meetings, participated in hearings, and prepared briefings for both congressional and executive level officials. Worked with persons representing Oromo groups to organize campaigns, assemble delegations, craft materials, prepare resolutions, and educate on methods of advocacy. Worked with NGOs and IGOs that spread our messages and also serve as a reference pertaining to Oromo and Ethiopian issues.

What We Look Forward to Doing

Recruit diverse qualified professional and skilled persons to work with OAA to accomplish the mission. Develop educational and outreach initiatives throughout the community.  Collaborate with existing groups to create and disseminate concise messaging to tell our story.