• 9:00 AM – Last push for votes!

Call your representative’s office. In order to obtain their contact info, see the link below:
– Call their office and ask them to VOTE FOR HOUSE RESOLUTION 128.

Press Conference
• Time: 3:30pm
• Location: Capitol House Triangle.

It is an outdoor location on the House of Representatives side of the Capitol’s East Front. It is across the street from the 27 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC front entrance to the Cannon House Office Building on a grassy triangle with a concrete surface for witnesses to stand.
• Rep Chris Smith (R-NJ) sponsor of the resolution, and Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO) will speak about the resolution and take questions from the press. They will acknowledge the work of the Diaspora and human rights groups.
• People are urged to attend this event to show support for this legislation especially among the Diaspora groups from Ethiopia

Debate and Floor Vote on House Resolution 128
• 4:30 PM: Gallery closes to the Public at 4:30. It may be crowded. Get there early. To enter the gallery of the House Chamber where the business of the House is conducted, a pass is required. You can stop by your Congressperson’s office in the morning to get tickets and to pick them up that day. Visitors must be in the Gallery by 4:30. There are security checks, so allow plenty of time. No one is admitted to the Gallery after 4:30 except if escorted by a Representative, or persons authorized by them.

• 5:00 PM Debate will take place sometime between 5:00 and 6:30 PM. People who want to be present for the voting can go to the Gallery. A Gallery pass is required. You can obtain it directly from your Congressperson. Call ahead

6:30 PM VOTE – Voting will take place in the House of Representatives Chamber. Visitors can witness from the gallery which is a kind of balcony where public can watch its government at work

• After voting is over, there may be a short Celebratory Press Conference where Representatives may take a victory lap. Here media can address the Congresspeople and participatory groups outside of the Capitol.

Debriefing Session
• A debriefing will take place at the Oromo Community Organization House of Washington D.C. 6212 3rd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011.



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