We are pleased to share a great response to Oromo and other advocacy from the Office of Maryland Senator Ben Cardin. Since the Oromo protests broke out in November and especially since mid December many who advocate for the Oromo have been working to make various offices of the US government aware of the Oromo plight and the situation in Ethiopia and Oromia. We got the best opening and the strongest response from the legislative branch. It started with a collective effort of Oromos in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Metro area, Many Oromo and friends are signing petitions in great numbers to their Congressional representatives, both Senators and Representatives. A group of us is taking up the challenge to assist with a rigorous follow up.

Everyone’s coordinated effort is paying off. We have just received a strongly worded Senate Resolution (attached here Senate Resolution on Ethiopia – Oromo Protests 392016 – DAV16186) from MD Senator Ben Cardin, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

This is an excellent development for Oromo advocacy. It is an instrument that can make Senators aware of the situation in Oromia and start conversations about the Oromo protests all across the US. Now the real work of advocacy begins.

In terms of procedure, the draft we attach here is being distributed internally among some specific Senators and will be formally introduced next week. In advance of its formal introduction, Oromos in Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona and elsewhere, whose Senators serve on the sponsoring Committee, will have a chance to work behind the scenes with their respective Senators to garner support – to sign onto the resolution – before it goes public. Once it goes public, every Senator will be asked to support it. Every Oromo and friend of Oromo has a very important opportunity to make a difference here. All need to read and be prepared to meet with their Senators to support this Resolution. If this were to pass the Senate it would be a triumph for the Oromo and for progressive Ethiopians. We need to do everything necessary to make sure that our own Senators in each state where Oromos live know about this and ensure its passage!

A team calling itself Oromo Advocacy Group has committed itself to coordinating the effort to help get this Resolution passed. It is called
“SENATE RESOLUTION Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.” When it is made public it will have a number. Meanwhile it is the strongest statement in support of Oromo to reach the United States Senate.

We will be in touch with you and if you have any questions send them to

Now let’s all do our utmost to pass this Senate Resolution supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.


9 thoughts on “SENATE RESOLUTION Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia

  1. The ethiopian government is highly smart in manipulating westerners and its hard to find out what they are doing to the innocent Oromo people.please stop the killing and reevaluate the understanding u have about this corrupt regime.there is no single terrorist in Ethiopia.none.that was one big lie the regime told the world.


  2. we Oromo people are under heavy condition our young died in front of their families. Our sound is covered by gun fire The TPLF soldiers kills our mothers and fathers. They have killed month pregnant women( in west Arsi 7 month pregnant), they have killed kids and children. We see our selves as soundless They kill and torture those express their feeling to the foreigners. They restricted the foreigners to see the died and tortured people in Oromia. I thousands of our nation on torturing in the prisons, kebele, and their home. I am one part of this nation who is on waiting death for I am oromo and for asking for my right. I have graduated from university in 2013 but I have no job opportunities so I am on living with my family Now to live there The government soldiers kill me punish me so I was out of my family and hide my self. I know As my parent are under heavy conditions as they give me to these killers. For what ever I feel happy by this resolution for seeing the problems get us. This government violets the human rights by putting him self under the umbrella of democracy. We need our freedom. The world has seen our problem one day we can get it.


  3. Great job done by the Advocacy Group and friends of Oromoo. You became a strong Voice for the Oromoo people who is right now peacefully protesting for its natural right. Thanks also to the Senators who gave their good will, attention and their precious time for this. Our History will owe them much Respect and Place.


  4. Thanks to those of you who put the effort to get this Oromo /Ethiopian issue to US Senate.What this unelected government is doing to our people has no parallel in the history of that country.This TPLF government monopolized the economy and political power to build huge military and security network to use against the people.The US has special responsibility because it is the US that ushured the EPDRF into the capital in 1991 after arranging the departure of Menghistu,the former dictator.US provided financial and and other support which made Ethiopia the number one recipient of US aid in Africa.The regime in Ethiopia used this to build its reprressive apparatus. We thank US for supporting the country but the wrong hand recieved it and misused the fund.US can persuade this regimeto change its destructive course and respect the will of Ethiopian People to form a democratic government by conducting all inclusive fair and free elections.


  5. It is a good resolution. I appreciate the advocacy group who tirelessly work and achieve it. It give awareness to the world about our cause, how ever this resolution could not bring any freedom to our people. Don’t forget and get fulled this fascist regime is in power until to day by the same people who pass this resolution. Guess what we can achieve our freedom only by fighting day and night just like our heroic qeerroos doing back home. we have to do this by any way we can and by any means necessary.Other wise it remain just like a talk.


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